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Information and medical research site about Dyskeratosis Congenita

Chaque don ou versement effectué par un particulier au bénéfice de l’AFDC est déductible des impôts à hauteur de 66%, à hauteur de 20% du revenu net imposable du foyer fiscal. 
 The money given for the research are so inadequate that it has to be supported by private funds.

The Association points out the importance of this investment .Only the research can let hope to understand the genetic pathology of DC and so give therapeutic answers for every patient....Read more....


Support the FDC Association
The Dyskeratosis Congenita  is a serios heterogeneous disease which has an effect on a limited number of persons. So, it has the same problems as all the rare diseases.

The FDC  Association wishes to improve such a situation and has drawn up stategic orientations :
  • Plan and  improve the means of the Association .
  • Improve the patients ' life as well as their families and  provide them information , diagnosis and treatment .
  • Support the medical and scientific research .

To reach this aim , several actions have been settled: Read more...


Our project
 Fighting against a serious disease is part of a life and involves a lot of challenges to take up and difficult, tiring situations to live .

To help the patients and their families in their fight, The FDC  Association , created in April 2007 is decided to make people know more about DC  and its  atypical aspects and to support the basic and clinical research on this disease .

In fact, The FDC  Association wishes to provide every medical and scientific information to the patients
and their families about the disease and also to help the patient in the diagnosis of this disease and the medical and scientific basics.
Home page
Very soon , an article about DC is going to be published in the paper ''Medecine Sciences'',
an international biology and science magazine.

Les dons émanant des entreprises ouvrent droit à une réduction d’impôt égale à 60% de leur montant les versements en numéraire ou en nature, pris dans la limite de 5 pour mille du chiffre d’affaires.
Last modified: Mars 6, 2008