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Information and medical research site about Dyskeratosis Congenita

Several teams abroad  are  working on the  Dyskeratosis Congenita‘s association : Aplastic Anaemia they are very successful and they are linked with patients ‘ families.

Professor Dokal  is in charge of  these researches in Great Britain  and  Professors Bessler and Masson are doing them in USA......Read more...
On a therapeutic perspective, Doctor Thierry LEBLANC, in St Louis hospital in Paris is the person in charge  of the research on aplastic anaemia and Dyskeratosis Congenita is part of it .......Read more...

On basic research ,  a team of researchers from the laboratory in Toulouse directed by Yves HENRY is working on components of the telomerase which have mutations in some forms of DC .....Read more...
In  France
Several studies, made by English-speaking researchers show Dyskeratosis Congenita as well as other hematologic disorders are  mainly diseases characterized
by a genetic disorder due to mutations in genes which are essential  for telomerase maintenance.
Fome of these researches are really efficient such as Professor Dokal ‘s  research team, Professors Phil Masson and Monica Bessler in Washington University, and Blanche P Alter of National Cancer Institute, Bethesda (US).

With these researchers‘ studies, there can be new therapeutic treatments which can bring  back a maintenance of telomeres  with  a gene therapy which  target  is the components of the telomerase .

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Last modified: Juin 18, 2008